Monday, 17 February 2014

Barbie Mariposa (gets her new wings) full video with wallpapers

Barbie Mariposa Beautiful wallpaper 

Information of Barbie Mariposa 
Release Dates                    February, 2008 (USA)
Running Time                   75 Minutes
Genre                                   Fantasy, Adventure
Animation                          Rainmaker Entertainment
Distribute                           Universal Studio Hom Entertainment
Movie Crew
Director                               Conrad Helten
Producer                              Nency Bennett and Luke Carrol
Writer                                   Elise Allen
Music                                    Eric Colvin
Film                                        Barbie Fairytopia
Preceded by                       Barbie as Island Princess
Followed by                        Barbie & the diamond castle

Barbie Mariposa Get her wings full video

Barbie Mariposa YouTube clips


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