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Barbie Princess and the popstar video song clips


Barbie Princess and the popstar video song clips

Princess Victoria Bethany Evangeline RenĂ©e of Meribella, nicknamed Tori, is one of the primary heroes in Barbie, The Princess & The Popstar. She is a princess who needs to be free of imperial obligations and dreams to be a popstar. She longed she could have the life of her most loved popstar, Keira. 
At the point when Keira and Tori reached, they utilized enchantment to switch their physical appearances so they could trap individuals into supposing they were one another. While they did this, they learnt new things about themselves, and got great companions. 


Tori feels exhausted and smothered by her exceptionally controlled, regal life. She longs for singing and moving like her most loved popstar, Keira. She needs to be free of her illustrious obligations, shake out, and have a great time. She realizes that to be a princess is to carry on a blessing from heaven yet she dreams to have a popstar life so she wouldn't need to be courteous and could wear whatever. She's a kind hearted, happy, glad young princess. She is great at mockery and is additionally extremely silly and some of the time "kid - like" individual. Notwithstanding, at last she comprehends that she need to like her regal life and gets more dependable lastly composes the discourse she needed to. 

Physical Appearance 

Tori has long blonde hair, light skin and blue eyes. Separated from their hair shade, Tori and Keira are indistinguishable. Tori dependably wears a pink and gold fellowship neckband which has three pink hearts in which the center one is greater than the other two. At last when she sings with Keira in the "Finale Medley", Tori wears a wig indistinguishable to Keira however in pink color 

Primary Gown 

It is a pink fuchsia outfit. It has some silver sparkly embellishments and a pink lace as a sash. She wears this dress with a couple of fuchsia high heels that have pink strips in them, yet once in a while, she wears them with the pink high heeled boots which Keira likewise wears. She wears this dress more often than not. 

Tea Party Gown 

For the tea party, Tori wore a floor-length, silk, fuchsia outfit. It has a slight sweetheart neckline with pale pink trim coating it. The neckline of the once more of the outfit is square formed. The bodice of the outfit has a pale pink blossom design over it. The sleeves for the outfit  are short and puffy, with pale pink covering. She additionally had pale pink gloves to match. There is a pale pink coating for the waist and skirt additionally. The skirt is full, and the shoes Tori wore were fuchsia open-toed heels with a strip on them. Blair Willows wore this same outfit in Barbie: Princess Charm School. 

Cool Dress 

It is a short pink dress. It has a blue sash with a pink heart. The highest point of it is one-given and sparkly. She wears them just throughout the "Princess & Popstar Finale Medley". She wears this dress with the pink high heels which she wears throughout the vast majority of the film. 

Popstar Dress 

It is the same as the dress Keira wore after she changed throughout her first show in Meribella. Tori wore a pink wig, her dress has a pink sparkly top with a blue shade. The other a piece of the dress is blue with a transparent pink part. At the point when Tori wears it the dress has a fuchsia part that is associated with its cinch. She wears it with a couple of pink high heel boots

Barbie Princess and the Pop star song video


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